Westfälische Nachrichten (Münster) 17.08.16:
„…the one and only Kornblum Family from Werden. Florin, 13, and Andolin, 11, are on the stage with self confidence and present most of their music without any notes….”

Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung 9-15:
„… a concert in the sold out Event-Church – and the audience showed it´s appreciation with a long applause. All fields of music were presented at the festival. From the 21 groups that performed, Andolin, 10, and Florin, 12, were the only children.”

WDR-Fernsehen, 18.11.16:
„Their music: a crossover from the last 800 years … Theirs biggest treasure: instruments that their father had especially made for their music.”

Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung, 08.11.16:
„Gamba, harp, portativ, organetto, clavisimbalum or tamburello in a continuous presentation….The little band took up more and more power, they have even… brought out their first CD.”

Susanne Ansorg (worldwide concerts with music from the Middle Ages): Their band is really cool and all of them are great musicians…“

Frank Eerenstein (Director oft he School of Music in Velbert): „ You presented your wonderful music very well, with feeling and atmosphere … a breathtaking act… the boys … are of a touching liveliness.”

Duygu Aydogan, Concert Harpist (Aschkenasi/ Aaltotheater/ Münchner Symphoniker…): „One just can´t believe that children played that”

Katharina Dustmann (Oni Wytars/ Studio Katharco… ): “… I finally had time to watch one of their videos. It was a pleasure!!! Again, it especially showed me what wonderful music children can make…thank you for these precious moments….the relaxed and joyful presentation is very authentic.”

Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung 7-15:
„So extraordinary the music is, so extraordinary are the different kinds of instruments used to make their music. Andolin plays the gamba, Florin plays the harp and Ronald Blum plays the clavisimbalum or organetto; instruments belonging to the oldest and rarest in the world today.”

Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung 11-16:
„When Florin Körner plays the harp, it is as if he has never done anything else before … That their mutual love for music would be become so professional …. A challenge…”

Lisa Pawelke, Master of Music in Early Music, Europe-wide concerts:
“the way your boys play music, one can really record it”

Noemi La Terra, Master of Music (Middle-Age music and Jazz): „You are wonderful!!!!“

Gudrun Fuß, Gambist: „You have your own style, not everyone has that.“

Katharina Könnings, Harpist: „You created a wonderful atmosphere and it was so much fun to watch and hear you!! 🙂 you do that so exceptionally well and so professionally.”