to exclusive concert and stage programs presented by the  – THE KORNBLUM  FAMILY.

The Family, that is, Ronald Blum and his sons, Florin and Andolin Körner. As musicians, we present an amusing program with sound pieces and improvisations that remind one of music from the Renaissance and Middle Ages.

This sound is reflected in the use of the instruments. Florin plays the modern harp and Andolin the baroque viola da gamba. Ronald plays many different instruments ranging from the unusual 13th to 15th century found key instruments, clavisimbalum, and organetto, to the framedrum and modern piano.

Over the past five years, the Kornblum Family, has played at many different events and festivals and since 2016, evening programs preferred in historical, good acoustical rooms, so that the ideal sounds from long ago can be heard.

Florin and Andolin have learned the classical playing art of the instruments, but have also been free to improvise. Florin, in an interview with the WDR-TV on Nov. 18, 2016, said, “We do a lot of improvising and I like that, because I can play what I want to”.  Also, in a German radio in May 2015 he said, “Well, we play “old music” and we improvise too. One doesn´t think – it just comes. I “feel” the sound”.

  • Harps
  • Viols
  • Medieval keyboards
  • Bowed psaltery
  • Hurdy-gurdy
  • Lute Guitar
  • Framedrums
  • Piano

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Florin and Andolin really enjoy being on stage! They have hardly started to play the first notes, they are ready to play in front of an audience. At school performances, at garden and birthdays parties, in schools and pedestrian zones, they played pieces from their instrumental lessons, mixing in their own tunes and improvising. The love for “old music”, shared with their father, led to their own distinct style that they soon presented in churches, castles, concert halls and festivals.

Of course the boys have other interests too. Florin loves soccer and gymnastics, Andolin enjoys crafts and creating marionettes. And on the weekends, they both enjoy just hanging out.

Ronald Blum is a musician, a teacher for music and body motion and  he is also instructor and owner of SCALA 11, a studio of dance in Essen-Werden, Germany. Vita/ SCALA11

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